About us

Design & Products

Viper range is developed under technical management and designed last ten years by Stephane Brasseur to offer premium products elaborated for the most exigent practitioners

Reliability & Performance

By working closely with our suppliers our different models of aluminum and carbon have been designed to guarantee reliability and performance on all types of terrain.
We found the best compromise between performance, weight and comfort and pleasure.


Bicycles Properties

Mix of Aluminum / Magnesium / Zinc specifically designed to bicycle frames, aluminum 7005 is the most resistant aluminum on the market. The Aluminum 7005 has exceptional resistance to corrosion and unique mechanical properties.

Carbon Fiber

UD Carbon fiber is woven in one direction which can be disposed in the mechanical stress direction of the bike, unlike braided carbon. The inner layer of the structure framework is usually made of this carbon fiber and provides maximum rigidity compared to a specific direction.